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Future-proof your writing business by developing high-demand writing skills in English.

Join a growing community of pro writers who are landing new clients and jobs thanks to networking, writing feedback and professional development.

how to future-proof your writing business

A recent report by KPMG estimates that 43% of the tasks associated with authors, writers and translators could be automated, with humans ‘fine tuning’ machine output.

Content writers and copywriters must develop skills rooted in humanity that AI cannot replicate. They must understand how to market and sell their work to gain the rates and roles they deserve. And they must support and motivate each other to ensure they thrive in such a tough market.

I believe in the principle of equitable human writing; that's why I founded the only community in the world dedicated to helping multilingual writing professionals. This community allows writers to work together to get better opportunities and earn more, just as native English writers do.

Philip charter - english writing coach

I'm Philip Charter - author, editor and coach for multilingual writers. I've published four books, and my articles and guides have garnered millions of views on social media and sites like I'm also a HUGE fan of crisps and get mildly upset when people ask me if I play basketball (I don't, even though I'm 1.95m tall!)

Since 2018, I've worked as a writing coach. I've helped hundreds of multilingual writers book clients and new writing roles through training and proven advice. As well as running this community, I offer courses and provide CPD training to companies. When I'm not working, I like hiking and watching cat videos (but not at the same time).

multilingual writers' community benefits

Join the community on Facebook:

Connect with like-minded writers (critiques and networking)

Feedback lottery — 3 writers per month receive a critique

Daily posts on writing tips and industry discussion

Job opportunities and calls for submissions

Motivation and accountability challenges

Become the featured writer of the month

Monthly post competition (with prizes)

Share your work to gain readership

Exclusive course discounts

Exclusive monthly workshop
Topics such as storytelling, generating salable ideas, writing for social media, or getting paid writing gigs

Weekly Q&A call
Ask questions and solve writing issues

Bonus resources:
Style Mastery video course, Proficient Writer eBook, webinar archive, Online Tools for Content Writers PDF, article and writing examples bank, and an intro meeting with Phil

what our members are saying

Monica Machera - Ghostwriter

"I'm learning at my own pace, and enjoying networking with fellow writers. The community is widening my perspective on what it means to write for a global audience."

Jørgen Winther - technical writer

"I learn how other writers are thinking and doing, share thoughts on publishing, style and tone, peculiar grammar details, and a lot more, and both get and give feedback."

Heleny Campoy - published Author

"Since joining the MWC, my confidence has soared. I've absorbed new techniques, grasped the subtleties of rhythm and nuance, and found a nurturing, creative space among fellow writers."

warning: This is not a quick fix

There are no tricks to future-proofing your business. This is not something you can learn in seven days. Being part of a thriving community of writers long-term shows your commitment to your writing goals - publishing, more recognition, and better pay.

You'll need to improve your accuracy, style, and other writing and business skills to truly thrive as a writing professional. It's up to you to demonstrate the value of your work, but I'm here to give you as much help as I can.

I want to attract top talent - those who see writing as a long-term career, not those looking for the next $100 on Upwork. I want to work with writers who stay on task and actively improve their skills. My vision is to grow the community so it becomes globally known in the world of publishing and writing as it has promoted thousands of multilingual writers to new heights.

working together to reach your goals

daily content + Courses

feedback on your work

weekly Q&A call + monthly workshop

bonus materials when you join the community

  • Online Tools for Content Writers PDF ($10 value)

  • business skills video course ($54 value)

  • articles and examples bank ($38 value)

  • Proficient Writer eBook ($12 value)

  • Intro meeting with Phil ($35 value)

  • Webinar archive ($28 value)

All this has a value of over $150!

what to expect within 3 months

After around 3 months, most writers in the community accomplish the following:

Gaining the confidence to post personal writing on sites like Medium, Substack, and LinkedIn

Understanding the fundamentals of how to build a profile, pitch, and run a writing business

Building trusted partnerships with writers in a similar field

Improving the quality of your writing through editing feedback

Worrying less about accuracy errors and rejection of your work

Achieving clarity on what kinds of writing services to offer

Signing new clients or getting accepted for a new role.

The community is closed to new members at the moment.

Get notified as soon as the doors open again.

More testimonials

Alex Doknic - freelance copywriter

"Phil is the person who can motivate you to chase writing dreams and help you achieve those dreams. I'd say Phil's a mix between Haruki Murakami and Gary Vaynerchuk."

Katarzyna Rączka - translator

"I’m happy to be in a group where I can benefit from the experience of those with more years under their belts. The contributions from other members have already been very inspiring."

Ahmed Sohaib Tahir - finance writer

"Phil’s community is an excellent platform, and I have already received tons of valuable resources. I hope to utilize my full potential and establish myself as an accomplished writer."

Frequently asked questions

What level of English do I need?

Most of the writers in the group have an advanced level of English. The language resources and tips are designed to help writers progress to proficiency to compete with native writers of English. If your English is B2, C1, or C1+, this group is for you.

Do I need a Facebook account to join?
Yes. If you don't have one, just spend 5 minutes creating a basic profile to join. Facebook is not perfect, but it will prompt many people to check the group regularly, helping the community to thrive. You'll be able attend all live sessions on Zoom and watch the replays on Facebook or in the dedicated app.

Will I get access to Phil in the Multilingual Writers' Community?
Yes! I answer questions in the group and host live Q&As and workshops. Members will also get exclusive discounts for future courses.

What is the cancellation policy for the Multilingual Writers' Community?

For the annual subscriptions I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

You can cancel your monthly subscription by simply emailing phil@englishwritingcoach. To cancel your monthly subscription just make the request at least 1 day before your next billing cycle and your access to the content and community will be revoked on your next billing date. No further fee will be collected.

Can I claim this as a business expense?

If you purchase a yearly subscription, I will provide an invoice with all the necessary information for you to claim this as a tax-deductible expense (professional development). I do not provide invoices for monthly subscriptions.

I have a very busy schedule, what is the time commitment needed?

I know writers have busy schedules. I do too! However, it is important to 'make' time every week for professional development. The Multilingual Writers' Community has been created in a way that is suitable for even the busiest of writers. Content and materials are available whenever you can make time and there are replays available for all workshops and events. I recommend spending one hour a week as a minimum for learning and networking in the group.

Can I promote my work in the group?

Absolutely. I want writers to share their latest articles and publishing successes. If you want to alert others to job openings or offer clients to other writers because you are too busy, great! I ask that members do not promote commercial services in the group or solicit others to DM them.

What time do the events and sessions take place?

We are a community from all over the world which means we have different time options of different events to suit your time and location. If you are unable to make any of the live sessions, all of the events and materials are added to your members area – which is hosted on Facebook. You’ll be able to access the content and materials at any time of day.

What will you do with my data?

This is a private group, and I take data protection seriously. I will never sell your data to others and as a paid subscriber, you'll experience the community ad free. As a group member, I'll add you to my mailing list (but you can opt out anytime).

any questions?

If you'd like to chat, I'll be happy to fill in all the details so you can make the most of the experience.

helping multilingual writers find better opportunities and earn more

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