What My Clients Are Saying

Secured columns for key industry sites + cut writing time in half

Diego Perez - Localizer / Content Writer

"Thanks to your tools, strategies, and guidance, I'm more confident in my writing now. I can't wait to see the new opportunities that will unlock for me."

Due to his insightful content on LinkedIn, Diego was voted a top industry influencer and was featured in Multilingual magazine. He is now balancing new content writing opportunities with his localization work.

2 books published
+ selling stories in English

Caterina Baldi - Author / Illustrator

"Philip is my writing coach and I consider him a pillar of my business."

Caterina is a published children's author from Italy. Since recording this video, she's sold two stories in English to online magazines and has published her second children's book.

Gaining her writing independence

Iva Vlasimsky - Ghost Writer

"Thanks so much Philip, for teaching me, providing all those valuable tools and resources, and for tolerating my crazy schedule."

Iva used to spend 100s of dollars on English editing services. After just two months, she slashed that cost by 50%.

Published in English + a new promotion

Aurea Santos - Communications Manager

"I definitely recommend Phil to all writers looking to improve their texts in English and gain confidence to write for an international audience."

Aurea recently published her first article in English for the international NGO where she works. Soon after completing my program she was given new responsibilities and a promotion at work.

Overcoming impostor syndrome + 500% increase in engagement

Niko Laamanen - Founder and bitcoin author

"Thank you, Phil, for planting the seeds of insight and nurturing them with a healthy dose of whoop-ass juice. Take the class. It's an investment that keeps giving."

Niko's new skills are driving his publishing business to greater success in 2023. He is working on his own non-fiction book, as well as editing and contributing to the world's first bitcoin fiction anthology. All in English of course.

Common Results

✍️ Applying new writing skills & techniques independently

✍️ Gaining clients through sound copywriting

✍️ Increasing writing speed and confidence

✍️ Reducing English errors by 50-100%

✍️ New-found independence at work

✍️ Starting dream writing projects

✍️ New roles / promotions


High satisfaction with the level of support

The confidence to write her dream book

Flogerta Driza - Senior Content Writer

"I saw that I truly needed help and someone to guide me on my writing journey. After reading about his work and his enlightening posts on LinkedIn, I thought he was the right choice. I was right."

Flo is making steady progress with her book. She hopes to submit it to publishers in 2024.

Winning new business due to clear writing

Marijana Kondres - European project evaluator

"This year, I was awarded new projects, all because of Phil's clear and simple tips."

Marijana is now her own boss, evaluating proposals for major European education projects. We worked together to improve the variety and accuracy of her comprehensive English reports. The international organisation she works for was so happy with her work, they've offered her more projects every year since 2020.

My writing tips gained over 2.1 million views in the last year

I get dozens of comments and messages thanking me for my support and help every week.

Over 5,000 multilingual writers subscribe to my monthly publication on LinkedIn and more than 1,900 get weekly tips straight to their inbox.

Starting a copywriting career

Meidy Nara - copywriter / content writer

"Philip gives lots of good advice and exercises to improve your writing. He's also really eloquent with the way he explains things and he has a deep vision in writing."

Meidy learned to spot his own errors and write for the reader. He now works as a freelance writer for Yoga teachers and studios.

Publishing her personal story

Carine J - Account Director / author

"Phil's course has taught me the importance of writing habits, and I can't recommend it enough. Phil's personalized materials, as well as his feedback on weekly assignments, are invaluable."

Due to her determination, Carine gained two years' worth of writing knowledge in just a few months. She plans to publish her story in installments via Substack then in paperback form.


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