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I help multilingual writers reach English proficiency, so they can write effective text and build authority in a competitive market.

Write what you love. Share your voice. Earn more.

Here's How I Help...

Corporate Training

Bespoke in-person or remote training — Boost your staff's communication skills.

VIP Mentoring

Get personalised feedback and learn 1:1 with Phil — Reach your goals faster.

My Community

Workshops, courses, networking and tips to guide you on your writing journey.

Free resources

Get started fast — tips for English proficiency and writing style.

How It Works

My unique learning method blends language acquisition with developing writing skills. I've helped clients in over 100 countries publish work in English and get new opportunities.

Success Stories

Philip opened my eyes to the things I wouldn’t have noticed myself.

The past few months, we worked together on my writing skills and the areas desperately needing improvement. The feedback I got was beyond helpful. His tips and guidance were what I needed at that point in my career, no question.

Now, I can confidently say I’m a content writer who knows their strong & weak sides.

Sylwia Green

Content / Copywriter, Norway

I learned how to generate new ideas systematically and make my writing more appealing.

As a result of Phil's help, I have improved my English writing skills. Phil is an excellent coach for those aspiring to improve their ability to write in English for professional purposes.

It would be worth your time to try the course and see how it changes you once you have completed it.

JC Francis Enriquez

Content Editor and Creator, Dubai

I know how to evaluate my writing, use precise vocab, cut extra prepositions, and be persuasive.

When I started the course, I told Phil that I wanted my texts in English to be more natural, and I got all the tools I needed to understand the changes I had to make.

Having detailed feedback for each assignment was invaluable. I transformed my writing the way I wanted.

Aurea Santos

Senior Content & PR Strategist, Brazil

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